How to get in-game, (NEW CLIENT)!

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How to get in-game, (NEW CLIENT)! Empty How to get in-game, (NEW CLIENT)!

Post  [Owner]Strawberry on Sat Jan 14, 2012 8:57 pm

We are using shine's client, I thank/credit them for their hard work. We are using theirs because it won't bug your character.
When you are done you need to fully patch shine.

Here is a link...or just go to their website (:

Then you will need our patches, you MUST patch them in the right order (:

1. 8ZRCGX6323
4. 8ZRCGX6323

Any questions ask strawberry, skype: katie.strawberry

After that you need this client.exe, to start the game (:

Then you will need to get hamachi, type hamachi on google then download it.
After you have it installed, launch it and "Join an existing network"

type any of these in, if one is full join another one!

1. destinyonlineserver2
2. destinyonlineserver3
3. destinyonlineserver4

Password for all networks are destinyonline.

Ask strawberry in skype for account or on forums..
Launch the client.exe then have fun guys (:


~ Strawberry (:

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